Opening Words

     Dear Grand Masters, Masters, Instructors, Umpires and Competitors,

     The Original Taekwon-do Federation of America and I cordially invite you to the 2017 ITF TKD USA NATIONALS & TEAM USA SELECTIONS to be held April 29-30, 2017 in beautiful San Jose, California.

     The OTFA welcomes all ITF Taekwon-do competitors throughout the United States to be a part of this ground breaking event and process for not only choosing who will represent Team USA in the upcoming ITF TKD World Championships in Dublin, Ireland, but also providing a National TKD competition for all Color Belt, Pre-Junior (-14 y/o) Black Belt and Veteran (+36 y/o) Black Belt competitors regardless of affiliation.

     The OTFA is proud to be hosting this prestigious event for the members of the Official ITF Allied Associations here in the USA, as well as ITF competitors from Non-affiliated Organizations and TKD clubs who would like to come together at these Nationals to experience a friendly, competitive and professionally run competition.

     It is the hope of the OTFA to continue the process of developing World-class Team USA competitors, coaches and umpires, while building the technical level of Taekwon-do in the USA with the help of our fellow Allied Associations [ATFI, ITF-USA & NTA-ITF].

     The OTFA asks for the support of both members and non-members to help us continue these efforts in trying to make Taekwon-do here in the USA on par with the best countries in the World.

     We look forward to meeting you all and sharing the spirit of competition in San Jose on April 29-30, 2017.


Vincent A. Affatigato - OTFA President


Registration is now open and will close at 11:59 PM (PST) on April 21, 2017. Do not miss this opportunity to be part of USA TAEKWON-DO history!

Place and time of event

The ITF Taekwon-Do USA National 2017 will take place April 29th–30th, 2017 in San Jose, CA at the Monroe Middle School - 1055 S Monroe Street, San Jose, CA 95128.

Original Taekwon-Do Federation of America (OTFA)
OTFA President: Vincent A. Affatigato
OTFA Tournament Committee: Master Alvin Bernard,
Master Brian McNamara, Mr. Steven LeGrow
Tournament Director: Master Alvin Bernard

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